Taijiquan Classics

Taijiquan Classics

A little beneath the surface of the Taiji Quan Classics

Here you can find a translation of the Taijiquan Classics. Dr. Tao Ping Siang translated the Taijiquan Classics into English for his Western students. The first book, including the Chinese original texts, was published in Taiwan 1966.

Taijiquan ClassicsDr. Tao died in Columbus, Ohio in December 2006. The heir of Dr. Tao, Dr. Shan-Tung Hsu generously gave the permission to publish the German and English texts on Taiji Forum. Shan-Tung Hsu said: “I am pleased to consent to the publication. In this way Taijiquan enthusiasts are enabled to profit from Dr. Tao’s work.“

A Model of Persistence in an Art: Mr. Tao’s “A Simple Analysis of the Classics and Theories of Taijiquan”


A little beneath the surface of the Taiji Quan Classics

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A Model of Persistence in an Art: Mr. Tao’s “A Simple Analysis of the Classics and Theories of Taijiquan”

By Chou Teh-Pei

Mr. Tao was originally an expert in aviation mechanical technology, but he has devoted himself entirely to the study and development of Taijiquan, also known as Shadow Boxing, a unique Chinese martial art based on the principle of overcoming hardness with softness. I am proud to have the unusual opportunity to write a preface for Mr. Tao’s book, which tells what he has, learnt about this art and contributes to those who are interested in learning it.


Mr. Tao and I come from the same province, and we both served in the Chinese Air Force when we were young. I was able to learn Taijiquan from Master Cheng Man-Ching because I was guided in the elementary course by Mr. Tao. Even though my own knowledge of Taijiquan is very poor, and I do not want to pretend to know enough to comment on his book, I cannot refuse to write this introduction. So, rather than talk about Taijiquan, I will talk about how Mr. Tao developed his skills, since I have come to know something about this as a result of our long friendship.
Mr. Tao has studied several Chinese martial arts. From childhood, he has studied Spring Leg, which belongs to the Shaolin style. After studying with many teachers of many schools, he gradually turned toward the Nei Chia (inner) systems. He learned Hsing-I, Pa-Kua Chang, and also Liu-ho Pa-fa (also known as Water Style) and Taijiquan; those who taught him were all famous masters.
Although he might not have attained a high level right at the beginning of his studies he was influenced by all that he heard and saw, which was very helpful when he later came to integrate the knowledge he had gained through understanding the relationships among the different disciplines. Since he is not a show-off or shameless self – promoter, Mr. Tao is not known to the general public. His present level of achievement is the result of accumulating experience through long study and practice, and his joy in exchanging what he has learned with others who share the same principles and approach the subject with the same aims. Even now, he continues to seek advice and absorb new knowledge.
Mr. Tao also has single-minded dedication. He has left others far behind in his devotion to studying this art. His study of Taijiquan from Master Cheng Man-Ching, after arriving in Taiwan in 1949, actually dated from the time just before he returned to his family home soon after the end of the war with Japan in 1945. At that time, his Taiji teacher gave him an introduction to Master Cheng, but because he lived in Shanghai and Master Cheng did not, he failed to make contact with him and thus his chance to study with Master Cheng was delayed for four years. When he heard that Master Cheng had also come to Taiwan, he made a special trip to visit the master in Taipei. After he was received by Master Cheng as a disciple, he gave up everything he had learned before, and stared learning again from the beginning. As a soldier, he had to live in camp, and it was impossible for him to visit his Master everyday. Instead, he would consolidate all his leave and rush to Taipei from Tainan (from the south to the north of Taiwan) every month or so. This lasted four or five years. Later, when he had been transferred to a post near Taipei, he lived in Master Cheng’s house for a long time.
In addition to having this single-minded drive to learn, Mr. Tao also loves to ponder deeply; whenever he was given a piece of teaching by his master he would think about it day and night in an effort to gain a complete understanding of it. This is really the attitude described in the Doctrine of the Mean (Chapter XX, section 20) as not giving up as long as there is anything on which one has not reflected, or on which, having reflected, one has not comprehended.
Taijiquan is a form of boxing, which must be based on the cultivation of one’s character so that one can overcome hardness with softness. To give up what one has learned in order to follow another’s teaching requires a modesty also based in the cultivation of one’s character. Master Cheng’s book on Taijiquan advised students to avoid willfulness, insistence, and stubbornness, and to abandon self-assertion; in general, it is a method described as “investing in loss”. These are just the tasks that are required in cultivating one’s character. Mr. Tao’s cultivation of his character has a close relationship to his achievements in Taijiquan. He is modest, patient, and unwilling to show off. He is indifferent to wealth and fame, and so he is always happy and relaxed, physically and mentally. Thus it is naturally easier for him to realize fully the art of subjugating hardness with softness. This kind of cultivation is easy to speak about, but it can only be attained through constant, determined practice.
I am very happy that Mr. Tao is giving to the public what he has learned over so many years. Although it is his intention simply to pass on the words of his predecessors without imposing his own ideas, it is inevitable that, in translating from Chinese to English, the difference in cultural context makes it necessary for him to provide some interpretation. However, his profound understanding of the art makes these interpretations very helpful for the student. His understanding of “chi”, for example, is striking and valuable. In short, this book is a very valuable reference for anyone who cares for this school of boxing.


Tao Pind Siang 2000I have been learning the art of Taijiquan (also called Shadow Boxing) for sixty years, and I have also been engaged in teaching the art for forty years. With respect to this art of boxing, with its exceptionally profound theory, I always feel that when I am teaching it is hard to know where to begin.
The study of the art of Taijiquan should be based on the Taiji Classics and Treatises. The essentials of practice and attainment have already been completely included without omissions in the Classics and Treatises, which have been handed down for generations; nevertheless, since these works are independent, they are difficult to understand with out doing intensive reading, cross-referencing, and checking. To help those who desire to study this art understand more easily, I have taken the liberty, despite the limitations of my own understanding, of introducing the Classics and Treatises by synthesizing, classification, and organization of main prints into a concise analysis.
The Classics and Treatises used in this book are based on the currently common available texts of the Yang style. They consist of the following:
• Chang San Feng’s Treatise on Taijiquan
• The Treatise on Taijiquan of Wang Tsung Yueh of the Ming Dynasty
• The Inner most Explanation of the Practice of the Thirteen Postures
• The Song of Striking with the Hand
DrTao_PushHands-300x232The theory that is necessary to practice Taijiquan is not difficult, but it is very difficult to reach the realm the theory describes. To do this requires careful practice; it is not something that can be attained just by being taught.
The words of the Classics and of the Treatises are not hard to understand, but if one does too much explanation and commentary, it is hard to avoid adding in one’s own ideas, which makes it easy to stray from the original meaning. This book, therefore, adapts the original texts, without inserting extra interpretation. In my view, the kind of categorization and arrangement done in this book is enough to allow the details and specifics to become clear by themselves, and can lead to the clues to the correct methods of practice. Pursuing a high level in this art depends on correctly apprehending the theory and on hard practice. But since it is possible that my own thoughts may not be correct. I hope that my expert readers will take the trouble to correct my errors.
I must acknowledge the encouragement and support of my fellow senior disciple, Mr. William C.C. Chen, in the publication of this book. I also want to thank my old friend, Mr. Ron Koeneoke and Nora Zhu (Mrs. Koeneoke), my follower, Mr. Richard Brzustowicz, Jr. and Mr. Bernard Tony Zayner, and Mr. Andrew Heckert of Philadelphia, who contributed to the checking of the original text and the subsequent translation in English.
The Compiler New York, N.Y. June 10, 1993


A little beneath the surface of the Taiji Quan Classics

1. Goal

What is the standard by which we judge the basis and applications of practices? The correct method is that the mind commands and the body (bone and muscle) obeys.

What is the goal of push hands? Constant youthfulness and a long life.
The original commentary says: These are the transmitted words of the Taoist Patriarch, Chang San Feng of Wu Dang Mountain. He wanted the heroic, greathearted people of the world to have long lives, and never to waste their lives in struggling with less important techniques.

2. Schools

There are many schools of boxing where teaching is oriented toward combat. Although, they all have differences that do not go beyond relying on strength to bully weakness or making the slow yield to the swift. The forceful beat the less forceful, and the slow yield to the swift – Yet this is the result of physical endowment, and not of practical application or experience.

3. Principle

The Taj Ji comes from the Unbounded (Infinity or Wu Chi), and is the source (mother) of Yin and Yang. If it moves, it separates; if it is static, it combines.

4. The Method of Learning

Oral guidance by a competent master, coupled with continual practice, will bring you to a point where the cultivation of skill will take care of itself.

5. Prerequisites

All movements should be directed by consciousness (intention), and not by external appearance. When moving up or down, front or back, left or right, the same intention appears.

First the mind then the body (when the abdomen is completely relaxed, the Chi can rise in the body spontaneously); then the Chi can penetrate into the bones. When your spirit and body are at ease you can always move as your intention directs.

The mind is in charge
The mind should direct the Chi to move. The Chi should be completely composed. Then it will penetrate to the bones.

The Chi is the flag. The Chi, circulating freely, mobilizes the body (the Chi is like a cartwheel). If Chi is correctly cultivated, one’s vital spirit will be raised. This eliminates slowness or clumsiness of the body.

The waist is like a banner (like an axle, like the earth’s axis). Be careful about your waist at all times. The waist is the source of command (the waist dominates).

Sacrifice Ambitions
First sacrifice one’s own ambitions, and follow others, but learn these techniques correctly. The slightest deviation will take you off this path.
Even an error as small as the bending of a single hair can lead one astray a thousand li (one li is about half a kilometer). Students must examine this in careful detail.

Without Excess or Defect
After yielding to pressure from an opponent adhere to him. Then stretch your consciousness toward your opponent and let your action reach him. (After you yield to pressure then bend. Afterward comes extension and reward). The straight comes from bending.

Bending and Extending; Opening and Closing
The movements of bending and extending, of opening and closing, can be automatic (free and spontaneous).

Withdrawing and Adhering
The other is stronger than I am. I need to become soft and yield to the other’s attack. This is called Zou, withdrawing.
 My situation is better than my opponent’s (he is more easily con- trolled). This is called Nien, adhering.

(Speed) Respond quickly to fast actions and slowly to slow actions.

6. Basic Concepts

In practice, begin with larger movements and reduce them to smaller ones. In this way, they will become perfectly compact.
The thirteen postures should never be neglected. You should cherish the specific meaning and then you will know the purpose of each posture. If you carefully examine your postures, you will not feel you are wasting time and energy.

Errors in Practice
It is really a pity if one does not know the purpose and goal of practice! Subsequently, one will waste time and energy.

Push Hands
The purpose of ward-off, roll-back, press and push should be made a subject of careful study. If upward and downward are linked together in the body, there will be no crack through which another can enter.

Let the opponent use immense force against you. Deflect the momentum of a thousand jin (one jin is about 1.1 pounds) using a trigger force of only four ounces. Lead your opponent in. Let your opponent become unbalanced and concentrate your power at that moment .
Adhere (Nien), be continuous (Lien), Stick (Tie), Follow (Shi), and neither pull away nor push back (bu diu, bu ding).

Observe the words “to deflect the momentum of a thousand jin, use a trigger force of four ounces”, which clearly mean not to win the game just by strength.
Watch the form and speed of the old man (of 80 to 90 years) who defends himself from young men. How can he do it so well?

7. Guidelines for the body

The crown of your head should fall as though it was lifted upward, but your neck should only contact your collar lightly. You should feel as if your head were suspended from above by a string.
When your vital spirit is raised you need not worry about clumsiness or slowness.
This is what is called the head being suspended from above by a string.
When the buttocks and spine are held straight, the spirit reaches the top of the head. When the head is held as if suspended by a string from above, the entire body feels light and nimble.
In standing, the body should be erect and relaxed. It should resemble a balance, able to respond immediately to an attack from any of the eight directions. Its activity resembles the wheel of a cart.


8. Requirements for the Postures

(Lightness and nimbleness)
In any movement, the whole body should be light and nimble (agile).
(The entire body should be so light that eventually even the touch of a feather will be noticed, and so responsive that even a fly can not find a firm place to land.)

Linking Together
One should be linked together, with all one’s parts linked like cash (old Chinese coins with a square hole in the middle) strung on a c o r d . Sound boxing is rooted in the feet, develops in the legs, is ruled by the waist, and functions through the fingers. The feet, leg and waist must act as one unit. When this is done in advancing and retreating you can gain the advantage from opportunities provided by your opponent and from your momentum.

Errors in Practice
If you fail to gain from these advantages of opportunity and momentum, your body will be disordered and confused. To correct this, simply adjust your waist and legs.

The Chi (or momentum) should move like a wave in space.
The Chi sinks (not by force) to the Dan Tien (inside the abdomen be- low the navel). When the abdomen is completely relaxed, the Chi can rise in the body spontaneously.
Respiration must be natural, so that your movements will be active and alert.
The Chi will then flow without hindrance throughout your body.
The Chi (or momentum) should pass through the body as though easily threaded through the pearl of nine zigzag paths. Then there will be nothing you cannot achieve.
If the Chi is cultivated naturally and with a quiet spirit, no harm will come.
The Vital Spirit.
The Vital Spirit should be retained within.

(Combine: Lightness and nimbleness must be linked together with Chi and Spirit).
Do not show either:
• defect or collapse
• concavity or convexity
• severance or splicing

All parts of the body must be threaded together, inch by inch, without any gap or break in continuity.

The power or momentum of Long Boxing (another name for Taj Ji Quan) flows unceasingly like the yang Tze river or a great surging sea.

Ward-off, Roll-back, Push, Press, Pull, Split, Elbow and Shoulder (the eight postures of Push hands) correspond to the Eight Trigrams of the I Ching.

Advance, Retreat, Look Left, Gaze Right, and Central Equilibrium (the movements) correspond to the Five Elements (of Chinese natural philosophy).

Ward-off, Roll-Back, Press and Push correspond to Jian, Kun, Kan and Li (the four right-angle Trigrams).

Pull, Split, Elbow and Shoulder correspond to Sun, Zhen, Dui and Geng (the four diagonal Trigrams).

Advance, Retreat, Look, Gaze and Central Equilibrium correspond to Metal, Wood, Fire and Earth (the Five Elements).

When combined, these five steps and eight postures make up the original thirteen T’ai Ji Quan postures.

9. Insubstantial and Substantial

The change from insubstantial to substantial and back should be done carefully.
Mind (consciousness) and Chi (or momentum) should be exchanged sensitively. This is very satisfying . This is called mutual interchange or exchange of insubstantial and substantial.

Insubstantial and substantial must be clearly differentiated. Every boxing experience, at any given time, has substantial and insubstantial aspects. In boxing, it is the entire body that has this feature of being insubstantial or substantial.
Although situations change like a kaleidoscope, the principles remain the same.

10. Techniques (Push hand & Application)

When something happens above, one must pay attention below. When something happens in front, one must pay attention behind. When something happens on the left, one must pay attention to the right. If one intends to move up, one must simultaneously travel downward, as when pulling up a tree one moves the roots first in the other (reverse) direction, and is thus able to uproot it immediately.

11. Hearing Momentum

Do not incline to either side or lean forward or back (postures must be done erectly). The truth of the postures should be suddenly hid- den, or suddenly revealed.
When the opponent brings pressure on your left side, that side should be insubstantial (empty). When pressure is put on your right side, that side should vanish.
If the opponent is aspiring to move upward, you should follow by being higher. If the opponent desires to move downward, you should follow by being deeper. An opponent seeking to advance should feel that the distance between you is becoming incredibly long. A retreating opponent should feel that the distance is exasperatingly short.
If your opponent does not move, you should not move. Your motion should predict your opponent’s slightest move. You arrive at his destination first.

The Ideal

Even a feather cannot be added to, nor can a fly alight on the body. The other person does not know me at all, but I know him very well. Why is the hero always unmatched everywhere? For this reason only.

When energy is apparently loose but not actually loose, it is about to unfold but has not yet unfolded. Even if your energy is broken, you should not let your intention be broken.
Drawing in is liberation (release). If energy breaks, it can be connected again.
Keep your body sunk, and weighted on one side. Then your momentum will flow continuously. Otherwise, if your weight spreads on both sides, your body is double-weighted, and you will move sluggishly.

Error in Practice

If one has practiced T’ai Ji Quan hard for many years but has never learned the preceding points well, one will still be controlled by others. All because one has still not recognized the error of being double – weighted.
In order to avoid this mistake, understand the regulation between Yin and Yang (their mutual relationship).
This is called understanding the momentum of the postures.
To develop skill in striking, gradually understand the momentum of the postures; then you will go on to achieve miraculous effects. Yo u must practice for a long time. You cannot expect to achieve everything immediately.
To understand the momentum of postures, the more you practice the better will be your skill. Silently and internally fathom the distinctions. Follow your way step by step.

12. Energy momentum

Mobilize your energy (momentum) as if pulling silken thread from a silkworm’s cocoon (continuously).
The energy will be purified like steel that has been refined a hundred times.

From the most pliable and yielding, you will become the most powerful and unyielding, allowing any object to be destroyed.

Energy should be reserved so that you have some to spare (do not exhaust it completely). Before attacking, you should first draw in your energy.

Reserving or storing energy is like pulling a bowstring. Releasing it is like shooting an arrow.

Releasing energy should be sunk deeply. Relax completely and aim in a single direction.

As you move and go, the Chi should adhere to your back and gather into the spine. Inwardly, concentrate your spirit. Outwardly, appear quiet and peaceful.

Energy is developed from the spine.
Your steps must be altered in accordance with the position of your body. Wal k like a cat.

When movements exchange back and forth, use the technique of folding up (this technique uses the all joints of the body) . Postures should be exchanged in advancing and retreating.

Act like a hawk seizing a rabbit, or copy the spirit of a cat watching a rat.

When an opponent touches my motionless body, though it causes motion, I am still at ease. My reactions to an opponents changes are wonderful and surprising.

Remember, as soon as you move at all every part must be moving . As soon as you stop there should be no part that has not stopped.

When the form (Chi and momentum) is still, it is like a mountain. When it moves, power flows unceasingly like a long river or great surging sea.
Pay great attention to the spirit of the whole body. Do not pay any special attention to your Chi or respiration; otherwise, your actions will be weakened and clumsy.

If you pay attention to your Chi (respiration) you will have no energy; if you do not force your Chi, your energy will be strong and hard.


Rothschild game plan was to reverse the results of World War I

Leyendo el largo reporte semanal de Benjamin se te ponen las cosas en su sitio…. es decir siento que las grandes cuestiones de nuestro mundo son las que requieren solucion y mientras en el fondo tengo siempre mis pequeñas y egoicas situaciones el leer la situacion de nuestra tierra y nuestros hermanos no es que me saquen a mi las castañas del fuego pero siento como mis problemas se desvanecen ante mi creciente anhelo de que haya paz y entendimientos entre todos nosotros. No se si se me pueda entender lo que digo… que es basicamente que saco mi blanca bandera blanca y me pongo al servicio de la paz y de la fraternidad entre pueblos y hermanos porque veo que hay ya mucho olvido y es preciso recordar…. recordar al ser amado, también al proximo… al Ser que somos!

Rothschild game plan was to reverse the results of World War I

by benjamin
July 26, 2016

The final game plan of the Rothschilds was to reverse the results of World War I by reinstating the German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian monarchies, sources in Germany and the US agree. The plan that is now unfolding in Europe calls for a civil war against a “Muslim” enemy. The so-called “Muslim” terrorists are being financed with money supposed to be spent on fighting so-called carbon induced global warming, the sources ad. This is why we are seeing daily “Muslim” terror attacks that seem to always involve “lone wolves” who die in the attack. That way there is no need to have a messy trial where facts might have a chance of intruding into the public mind.

In any case the sources say that after a summer of increasingly severe terrorist attacks, European bank ATMs will be shut down, possibly in August or September. It is at this point where the royal families will present themselves as “saviors” and provide the people with huge amounts of fiat money and “security,” in exchange for the reinstatement of their monarchies.

The reinstated European royalty will be headed by a German “Kaiser” (Caesar) who will have four kings will be appointed under him, they say. The candidate for Kaiser will probably come from either the Habsburg or Hohenzollern royal families, they note. That means Karl Habsburg or the Hohenzollern Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia. Another candidate they mention is Ferdinand Zvonimir Habsburg-Lothringen.

The Tsar of Russia would be most likely Prince Michael of Kent


because he has the most Romanov blood of all the European royals.
This fits in with what Russian sources have long told us and that is that Vladimir Putin was put in power by a faction in the KGB that was loyal to the Russian royal family.

This move combined with the push by Turkey’s Recep Erdogan to restore the Ottoman Turkish Empire would, if successful, restore the German, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish empires; essentially bringing Europe and the Near-East back to the situation that existed before World War I.

So, a hundred year plot to reverse the Anglo-American victory in World War I has now been un-masked.

The Brexit vote in this context means the British Royal Family will not have to fall under the rule of the restored monarchies of Europe.

The question of course is, will the European people passively agree to be terrorized and financially blackmailed into restoring these bloodlines to formal power? We may well find out this summer and autumn. In the meantime expect a Gladio frenzy of increasingly lurid false flag attacks and well-financed, violent demonstrations. It is also a good bet that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande will lose power later this year.

Meanwhile a serious power struggle is also coming to a head in the United States. CIA sources say that “China has given the secret codes for a large amount of gold (thousands of metric tons)…to be given as a loan to the US Treasury so that the dollar will not implode.” The catch though is that “the boys in DC must indict Killary.”

Since the Democratic Party Presidential Convention started this week with a big “Russian” e-mail leak about how Democratic Party brass rigged things for Hillary Clinton, there can be no doubt a serious power struggle is underway in Washington DC. Democratic Party National Committee head Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was fingered in the e-mail leak, has said she will resign “after the convention.” CIA sources say it is very likely she will be killed soon to stop her from testifying about how she stole the election for Clinton.

The Pentagon and agencies have already forced both the Democratic and Republican parties to promise they will restore the Glass-Steagall act. This means a forced end to the crooked casino that the Bush/Clinton faction of the Khazarian mafia had turned the US financial system into.

The P2 Freemason lodge also forced Hillary to accept Tim Kaine, a Jesuit, as her candidate for Vice President, CIA sources say. Since Trump is also supported by the Jesuits and P2, this means they have both side covered in the US now. So, as the Soviets used to say during the cold war, the Americans can choose between Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola, but you can be certain wine, tea, coffee etc. will never be on the ballot.

A clear indication of how corrupt and decadent the US system has become can be seen in Secretary of State John “Skull and Bones” Kerry acting as a shill for Satanic chemical corporations like Dupont. Kerry was in Vienna last Friday saying “air-conditioners were as big a threat to life as terrorism.” What is happening is that 17 years have elapsed since the Dupont Corporation and its crime partners got fluorine gas to be banned just as their patent on it was expiring. Their BS fluorine caused ozone hole story fooled just about everybody at the time. Now, the patent on their replacement for fluorine, hydroflourocarbons (CFCs) is expiring too, so their moronic slave Kerry is being paraded out in front of world dignitaries to argue that banning CFCs will “literally save life on the planet itself.”


What he really means is that it will save his chemical buddies annual $20 billion or so in revenue on selling patented refrigerants for the worlds air-conditioners, refrigerators etc. What sort of degenerate political system is it that gets the foreign minister of what used to be the world’s greatest country to tell outright lies on behalf of corporations so that they can swindle money out of people in poor countries who desperately need air-conditioning? It is a system so corrupt it must be overthrown.

Speaking about which, there has been response to the one ton gold bounty placed on many of the top bosses of the Khazarian mafia by the White Dragon Society. The US special forces command has contacted the WDS to ask for written bounty notices that can be presented to persons on the list. They want this because they do not want to start a “sheepdog on sheepdog” situation where special forces fight each other as some try to protect the people on the list and others try to arrest them.

These documents are being prepared and the special forces will operate in harmony to carry out the anti-Khazarian mafia mission. The bounties will be issued by the Planetary Liberation Army general command in conjunction with the WDS.

The WDS also knows it will lose face if some action is not taken after the deadline given to the Rothschilds expires at midnight Hawaii time on July 25th. Since the Rothschilds are now hiding in Switzerland, there may be a delay before action is taken but it will be taken.

Nathan Rothschild, who originally agreed to meet with the WDS, has publicly announced he is not inviting his father to his wedding to make it clear the blockage of a deal is the responsibility of his father and uncles, not him.


For this reason, the one ton gold bounty on Nathan has been suspended. Also, Asian secret societies, even though they suffered destruction of irreplaceable cultural treasures like the Summer Palace, do not want to destroy priceless artworks, the heritage of all humanity, to get a few old men. That means the complex in Zug, Switzerland will not be hit with a missile. Instead, expect “precision surgery,” they say.

The Rothschilds may be thinking the recent ruling against China in the South China Sea can be used to manipulate the US military and its allies into war with China. Certainly Pentagon sources feel they have right on their side now that a court ruling has been made. So there is definitely going to be some heavy brinkmanship ahead as the US is threating to send a multinational naval task force to the South China Sea to enforce the ruling, Pentagon sources say.

The Chinese meanwhile argue the tribunal was a “political farce,” and noted that none of its 5 members was Asian or knew much about Asian history or culture.


Nonetheless, the Chinese have agreed to let Singapore arbitrate on the South China Sea issue with ASEAN. Since Singapore is regional CIA and MI6 headquarters, it is clear the Chinese are looking for a compromise.

Of course this whole South China Sea thing is just a pretext for the Rothschilds to play their US military might card in the ongoing bankruptcy negotiations of the Rockefeller and Rothschilds’ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and UNITED NATIONS corporations. The Republic of the United States is not bankrupt and must not let itself be manipulated in this manner by owners of a corporation based in Washington DC.

Meanwhile in the Middle East, repercussions from the failed coup attempt in Turkey are continuing to be felt in many ways. Pentagon sources say Turkish President Recep Erdogan “may have signed his own death warrant since 90 US nukes and 1500 US airmen are potential hostages at Incirlik” airbase. The Pentagon sources also say Turkey may have turned East but it was “still under the watchful eyes of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria because nobody trusts Erdogan.”

However, the Pentagon sources also say the Bush cabal is “reeling from the loss of CIA drug flights to and from Incirlik.”

The other thing that has happened in the Middle East is that Russia sent a drone over Israel to systematically gather intelligence about Israeli military deployment. Furthermore the drone was able to disable 3 Israeli missiles, making it clear they have total air superiority and that the Israel Defense Forces are “sitting ducks.” Israel is now expected to become a Jewish autonomous zone within the restored Caliphate. Their attempt to malign moderate Islam by creating a fake radical Islamic ISIS boogey-man has failed.



Source https://geopolitics.co/vital-issues/ben-fulford/rothschild-game-plan-was-to-reverse-the-results-of-world-war-i/


Dr Sebi y el Mar

Hoy estuve revisando la informacion nutricio alimenticia del querido Dr Sebi quien le gano un juicio a la mafia medica de estadosunidos mientras que defendia que habia curado el sida alla cuando los comienzos de esa engañosa plaga que aun no sé si es verdad o es mentira…
Bueno pues la cuestión es que su postulado y empresa es por una nutricion alcalina y donde no debe de haber supuestos alimentos, es decir, todo lo que es hibrido se debe retirar de la dieta y esto incluye muchas sorpresas…. el aloe vera, la levadura de cerveza y el limón por ejemplo, no tienen poder nutritivo porque al ser hibridos han perdido su poder eléctrico nutricional….. había una teoria por ahí que decia que las verduras eran magneticas y las fruts electricas y que así unas nos subian y otras nos enraizaban…. La lista de alimentos del querido Dr Sebi es muy pequeña… la verdad…. tiene también unos preparados especiales en su tienda a muy buen precio, para quien se lo pueda permitir y que se encargan de realizar el proceso del cambio nutricional.
Yo lo que debo de decir es que mientras estuve hojeando su menu de comida y su postulado y sin animo de superioridad iba viendo los paralelismos entre su dieta y la dieta marina, o solamente decir y entre beber agua de mar y la verdad son muy muy parecidas si bien el agua de mar es gratuita y cuenta con todos los nutrientes en su combinacion y proporciones perfectamente compatibles con la biología humana. Aunque ya sabemos que la accion del agua marina es en la mayoria de los casos a modo de homeopatía es decir muy lenta y despacio en su accion y obrar mientras que unos pelotazos de hierro y fosfatos, carbonatos, yoduros y bromuros … El Alimento de la Vida! seguro que hacen efecto de manera inmediata…
Por tanto lo que se debe extraer de aquí es la consideración de distinguir entre alimentos y sus hibridaciones que ya no serían interesantes por haber sufrido la diseccion y el injerto. Aunque aún debo explorar un poco mas este tema.
Los enlaces hoy estan 20.jul.16 no se cuanto duren ahí…
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Benjamin Fulford 7-19-16 “Chaos everywhere as current world order continues to collapse while new age begins”

benjamin_fulford_in_canoe_90New weekly report from Ben. He has much to report on this past week’s events.

“The world situation is becoming increasingly chaotic with major events taking place in Turkey, France, Japan, the United States, China and elsewhere. The events are all linked to the ongoing collapse of the global structure that was put in place at the end of World War 2.

[Turkey] “The Pentagon sources suspect Erdogan used light shows like that as part of a staged the coup attempt against himself in order to give him an excuse to purge the Turkish military and law enforcement agencies of rivals… Chinese government sources, however, had a very different interpretation of events in Turkey. They say the Turkish government was attacked because it was moving away from NATO and towards the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.”

[France] “Here we have a wildly unpopular government staging fake terrorist attacks in order to extend martial law. The government is doing this because the Italian banking system is collapsing and will take the French banking system down with it. So, in order to distract the French people from the financial troubles they need to create a fake external enemy to unify the country around… Also for some reason, the corporate media decided to completely ignore what looks like a spectacular attempt to blow up the Eiffel tower on the same day.

“No matter what though, the French fascist’s Gladio operations are not going to stop the revolution that is unfolding in that country.”


Chaos everywhere as current world order continues to collapse while new age begins
Posted by benjamin, July 19, 2016

The world situation is becoming increasingly chaotic with major events taking place in Turkey, France, Japan, the United States, China and elsewhere. The events are all linked to the ongoing collapse of the global structure that was put in place at the end of World War 2. Chinese government analysts believe the entire current world architecture will suffer a total systems collapse by the year 2018 after which a new, improved, structure will replace it. For this reason they expect accelerating global turmoil between now and then.

Let us start with a look at the attempted coup d’etat in Turkey last week. Mossad sources tried to pin the attempt on Russia and added “this was just round one.” However, Pentagon sources say jets piloted by Israeli trained Saudi Arabian pilots flying out of the NATO airbase in Incirlik dropped a bright flashing but not very damage causing low grade nuclear weapon in front of the Turkish Parliament building during the attempted overthrow of President Recep Erdogan.


The Pentagon sources suspect Erdogan used light shows like that as part of a staged the coup attempt against himself in order to give him an excuse to purge the Turkish military and law enforcement agencies of rivals. One Pentagon source said that “because Erdogan renewed ties to Mossad and may steal US nukes at Incirlik to arm ISIS, the coup is far from over.”

Chinese government sources, however, had a very different interpretation of events in Turkey. They say the Turkish government was attacked because it was moving away from NATO and towards the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The Turkish government is also negotiating with the Iranian government to create a Sunni/Shia Muslim alliance and renew the Caliphate. The Khazarian mafia front organization ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) is trying to stop this by creating a fake Caliphate and acting in disgusting ways designed to make everybody hate Muslims. What is at stake is the $2 trillion in oil and gas money coming out of the Middle East every year.

With such high stakes, Erdogan is now a high priority assassination target and we can expect a lot more trouble in the Middle East before the dust settles. However, if Turkey is working in tandem with Iran and mending fences with Russia and Egypt as well, they appear to have the strongest hand.

Now let us take a look at what is happening in France. Here we have a wildly unpopular government staging fake terrorist attacks in order to extend martial law. The government is doing this because the Italian banking system is collapsing and will take the French banking system down with it. So, in order to distract the French people from the financial troubles they need to create a fake external enemy to unify the country around.

Videos of the aftermath of the attack in Nice where a truck supposedly killed 84 people and injured another 200 appear to show a trail of real bodies (gathered up from hospitals around the country?). However, a friend working at the Japanese national broadcaster NHK’s news desk says NHK reported for about 4 hours that the truck in Nice was full of weapons and hand grenades. However, a CNN reporter on the scene reported the weapons were all fake, after which CNN, NHK and others dropped the “full of weapons” meme from their coverage. Then there is the fact the impoverished alleged killer sent $100,000 to his family before the incident.

Also for some reason, the corporate media decided to completely ignore what looks like a spectacular attempt to blow up the Eiffel tower on the same day. Maybe there were too many witnesses to the fakery there so they decided to just pretend that little stunt never happened. A video of this incident has now been deleted from the net, but a photo can be seen here:


No matter what though, the French fascist’s Gladio operations are not going to stop the revolution that is unfolding in that country.

In any case, both the French and Turkish smoke and mirrors shows distracted from far more important events taking place in the Asia. We can confirm from our own CIA and Chinese sources what Neil Keenan has reported about UN Secretary General Bank Ki Moon and David Rockefeller going begging and not getting anything.


We can also add new information about the Emperor of Japan’s announced resignation.

Ban Ki Moon was in Korea and China trying to find gold to keep the Rockefeller’s UN Corporation in business and to ask for the job of President of South Korea. He was told to buzz off. After that David Rockefeller phoned his “old family friend” Emperor Akihito and asked for gold. Akihito told Rockefeller that…

Gold reward offered for the capture of Khazarian gangsters

Gold reward offered for the capture of Khazarian gangsters. ~ Benjamin Fulford

In order to bring about world peace and justice, the White Dragon Society is offering a gold bounty for the capture of the individuals listed below. The gold can be collected in Hong Kong or other parts of Asia upon the capture of the felons. These criminals collectively have been actively trying to kill 90% of the world’s population and enslave the survivors. Ample proof of their crimes has already been provided to various law enforcement and other agencies around the world. Since the individuals below are highly dangerous you are authorized to use any necessary force if they resist arrest. Their names are presented in the same format as the deck of cards they issued for Iraqi leaders following their illegal invasion of that country.

Ace of Spades
George Bush Senior
Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
Bounty: One ton of gold

Ace of Diamonds
David Rockefeller
Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
Bounty: One ton of gold

Ace of Hearts
Etienne D’Avignon
Wanted for illegally engineering the destruction of United States
Bounty: One ton of gold

Ace of Clubs
David de Rothschild
Wanted for fraud
Bounty: One ton of gold

King of Spades
George Bush Junior
Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
Bounty: One ton of gold

King of Diamonds
Donald Rumsfeld
Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
Bounty: One ton of gold

King of Hearts
Bill Clinton
Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
Bounty: One ton of gold

King of Clubs
Benyamin Netanyahu
Wanted for mass murder and money laundering
Bounty: One ton of gold

Queen of Spades
Barbara Bush
Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
Bounty: One ton of gold

Queen of Diamonds
Janet Yellen
Wanted for fraud
Bounty: One ton of gold

Queen Hearts
Hillary Clinton
Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
Bounty: One ton of gold

Queen of Clubs
Victoria Nuland
Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
Bounty: One ton of gold

Joker of Spades
Nicholas Sarkozi
Wanted for mass murder, fraud and drug smuggling
Bounty: One ton of gold

Joker of Diamonds
Mario Draghi
Wanted for embezzlement and fraud
Bounty: One ton of gold

Joker of Hearts
Haruhiko Kuroda
Wanted for theft of Japanese savings
Bounty: One ton of gold

Joker of Clubs
Barack Obama
Wanted for mass murder and embezzlement
Bounty: One ton of gold

We will stop the deck with the jokers for now but more names will be issued if the arrest of these individuals proves insufficient to stop the ongoing crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the Khazarian Mafia. If anybody on this list thinks they are being unfairly targeted, they may make their case directly to the White Dragon Society.

Talking to your heart

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-15 a las 12.51.09

Every day you work at it.
Every day you go to the heart.
Every day you ask speak to me.

Those in between moments are perfect opportunities to breath…
to breath in that appretiation or that state of inner ease.

I believe the heart is the only thing we can trust.

And if we can calm down enough…
We can listen to the Wisdom.

We learn how to be good neighbours, good visitors.
We learn how to be good citizens, good human beings…

because we listen…

and not try to put our voices in it.
Just listen.


Ask your heart any question. Who am I?
What do I want? What´s my purpose in life?
What are the qualities that i look for in a good friend?
What are the qualities that i contribute to a good relationship?
What are my unique skills and talents?
How do I use those to serve humanity?

Your heart knows all the answers.


We are the mission! We are all now here to change the consciousness of the collective, to uplift the vibration of love in order to change the world! Peace and freedom & joy to all beings!

Remember why you are here now?! We have all chosen this moment, this gathering, this great time of humanity`s evolution to perceive a mission! we are the mission! and the more we love ourselves, and all that is, the more we gather energy, power to become what we desire. but more than motivate ourselves to perceive our personal dreams, we now need to be aware that everything is so connected that what ever you do to yourself, you do to others and what you do to others, you do to yourself. There is only one! Perceive a vibration that makes you courageous and loving! you are meant to serve this ONE heart, self, soul… we are all a whole ONE self! Lets perceive this now here!
Perceiving the world changes is perceiving your heart! What you are feeling, vibrating at, becomes the reality you live in! that is the miracle! so… perceive your higher and true self, for your true self knows your life`s purpose. Tune into your family, your planetary family because it is part of the same self, part of the same collective soul and work now here! the highest level you take your frequency at, gives you that divine power of vibrating at the place within that chooses love, light, collective and this conscious, living being we call earth!
We are now here, at this stunning time of Earth`s life, on which this world we have created is changing… to unite, love, become more and more aware and conscious and collectively be able to connect with each other and all that is.
We are here to find out that we are all the same the great conscious divine self. Together is where we find the strength and the will to change the world. Together we learn with each other how to love and this link between us all is pure and marvelous!
We are the “I”, the source, the God we used to fear and worship! and now, here, we know we can bring the universe to this awareness we all have chosen to live in, from now on, and… through our own freedom and our unity we can do everything! Peace and freedom & joy to all beings!