We are the mission! We are all now here to change the consciousness of the collective, to uplift the vibration of love in order to change the world! Peace and freedom & joy to all beings!

Remember why you are here now?! We have all chosen this moment, this gathering, this great time of humanity`s evolution to perceive a mission! we are the mission! and the more we love ourselves, and all that is, the more we gather energy, power to become what we desire. but more than motivate ourselves to perceive our personal dreams, we now need to be aware that everything is so connected that what ever you do to yourself, you do to others and what you do to others, you do to yourself. There is only one! Perceive a vibration that makes you courageous and loving! you are meant to serve this ONE heart, self, soul… we are all a whole ONE self! Lets perceive this now here!
Perceiving the world changes is perceiving your heart! What you are feeling, vibrating at, becomes the reality you live in! that is the miracle! so… perceive your higher and true self, for your true self knows your life`s purpose. Tune into your family, your planetary family because it is part of the same self, part of the same collective soul and work now here! the highest level you take your frequency at, gives you that divine power of vibrating at the place within that chooses love, light, collective and this conscious, living being we call earth!
We are now here, at this stunning time of Earth`s life, on which this world we have created is changing… to unite, love, become more and more aware and conscious and collectively be able to connect with each other and all that is.
We are here to find out that we are all the same the great conscious divine self. Together is where we find the strength and the will to change the world. Together we learn with each other how to love and this link between us all is pure and marvelous!
We are the “I”, the source, the God we used to fear and worship! and now, here, we know we can bring the universe to this awareness we all have chosen to live in, from now on, and… through our own freedom and our unity we can do everything! Peace and freedom & joy to all beings!



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